Twice Upon a Time

I recently attended the off-Broadway stage version of a wonderful little film entitled ‘Once.’ Usually it works the other way around with books or plays then made into movies, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. This movie holds great sentimental value with me, so I wanted the play to be ‘right.’

As it so happens, ‘Once’ was the last movie Mark was to ever see. We hadn’t been to a movie in many months, but some aggressive treatment in June boosted his energy for several weeks and we decided to see a movie on that rainy July 4th. I possess a very date-driven mind and every July 4th is a reminder of a significant ‘last’ in our waning time. But what a moment it’s become since I learned to value and honor the past while looking forward.

Mark once played in bands as a young man, so he really enjoyed the CD recording scenes which reminded him of his own record-cutting experience. He was genuinely happy to have reconnected to one of our much-loved pre-cancer activities, a Spectrum film and the best damned movie snacks ever known to the movie-going public. The first time I went back there without him, I cried the whole way home. But I continued going and cried a little less over time because it’s still a place I love to go with people I care about. There’s just something about connecting in cinematic shadows to emotion, time and place that should be shared…even better, when there’s an arm around your shoulder.

So that Saturday, I drove over two hours with my new love to see how the play held up from the film…which it did. I love the songs all over again and seeing the show with someone who continues to enhance my life when I least expected it makes this whole middle-aged crazy thing a pretty good gig.


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