Monthly Archives: September 2012

Little Victories

love this time of year. I am definitely a fan of weather that involves exposed toes, even those battered by running.

dislike this time of year. The days are getting shorter in noticeable increments which has a way of getting under my skin.

It’s b-aaaaa-ck…that misty crepe of a reminder that Mark was dying as each day grew shorter. I know we didn’t really comprehend that at the time. We knew he would die from this thing, but we set our mind toward living life to the fullest. Yet the disease became a malevolent presence that cast a pall over many specific Summer-to-Autumn 2007 dates which stick in my mind even five years down many roads.

As always falling back on finding the lessons in my five-year widow-before-her-time experiences, I am most recently amazed by all the new people in my life. Some are cyber-friends I picked up through my amazing web community of those who lost their life partners. Others are running friends I connected with as I finally admitted that I am indeed a runner, not just someone who runs. One is my boyfriend who finds being a one-man pit crew at least worth a free t-shirt and occasional food adventure.

I didn’t know any of these people five years ago. When the cool weather vibes threaten to derail me, these many different people are a source of levity and community that makes me appreciate the here & now rather linger too long on the what might have been.